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Weber 7590 Genesis Island Cabinetry

Weber 7590 Genesis Island Cabinetry

  • Compatible with all 2011 Genesis S-310 and S-330 gas grills with front-mount control panel
  • 2 cabinets with corresponding stainless steel doors and stainless steel handles
  • 4 plated steel adjustable wire shelves for storage; 2 stainless steel side tables
  • Quick disconnect side burner extension hose for use with Genesis S-320 and S-330 models
  • 2 heavy-duty front locking casters and 2 heavy-duty back swivel casters

Genesis Island Cabinetry expands the possibilities of the 2011 Genesis S -300 series gas grills with front-mount control panel (gas grill not included). Stainless steel side tables expand your preparation and serving space with two stainless steel work surfaces. The sleek stainless steel doors blend seamlessly with the grill cabinet doors. Each cabinet contains two adjustable shelves to allow you to put your favorite items – from the roast holder to the pizza stone – right at the grill so they are always within reach. Compatible with both the propane and natural gas models and the quick connect fuel line extension makes reconnecting the side burner a snap for the Genesis S – 310 and the S – 330.

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