Senin, 02 September 2013

Lighthouse Hydro Hydroponics Grow Tent, 48 by 24 by 48-Inch

Lighthouse Hydro Hydroponics Grow Tent, 48 by 24 by 48-Inch

  • 48" Wide x 24" Deep x 48" High (4' X 2' X 4'), 1/2" Powder coated Steel Frame & Light Hangers
  • 900D Canvas Exterior, 100% Reflective Tear-Proof Mylar Interior, Non-Toxic Materials (No off gassing)
  • 99.9%+ Light Protection, Canvas overlay on zippers, Double Stitched Fabric
  • Heavy Duty Durable Zippers, Large Full Sized Doors, Double Sided Sock with Drawstring on all Velcro Ports
  • 6" & 4" Access Ports, Storage Pockets, Air Intake Vents, Adjustable Hanging Straps, Removable Mylar Spill Floor

This 48" x 24" x 48" Grow Tent makes a great clone/veg room. It's shorter height (4') allows it to fit in spaces many 5' tents can't. Adjustable light hangers allow you to hang lights and other equipment from just about anywhere. The perfect size for a 400W lamp, or two 180W/240W LED Grow Lights. Two 6" ports at the top of the tent have double-sided socks and drawstrings which allow you to use 4" or 6" ductwork for your fans and filters. Two 4" ports at the bottom of the tent (double-sided socks and drawstrings) allow for electrical access and tubing. The Waterproof spill floor allows for easy cleanup of spills and leaks.

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