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Silk Balance

Silk Balance

  • Silk Balance Bottle

SilkBalance Was formulated with a unique technology called BioFilm Dispersion Technology (BDT) which inhibits build up of bacterial slime and minerals in the plumbing lines and equipment of your spa. By thinning the skin or surface tension of the water, BioFilm does not allowed any build up. It further helps maintain hygiene and safer water, with stable pH and alkalinity.

SilkBalance�'® works with Tap WaterOnce introduced, (BDT) immediately begins to adjust the water's properties, removing excess minerals and metals, which if allowed to build up over time can be detrimental to filters and pumps. Traditional methods allow bacterial film to build up throughout the plumbing system, and as it thickens over time, will decrease water quality and increase bacteria levels. Eliminating BioFilm allows minimized usage of sanitizers.

SilkBalance was also formulated to be mild on your skin and contains mineral salts that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and invigorated. It does not leave a lingering odor of strong chemicals but rather a clear refreshing wonderful water scent.

Luxurious Feeling & Fresh Scent

SilkBalance�'® Smooth SkinFeel the difference the first time you use SilkBalance the water feels luxuriously soft and your skin will experience that silky smooth feeling.

No more dry and itchy skin experience after leaving your spa.

Great for Sensitive Skin

SilkBalance is a great alternative for so many suffering from various skin conditions by providing a soothing relief. It does not irritate sensitive skin, yet it still is strong enough to keep the water fresh and clean. Even the annoying smell of chemicals is replaced by a clean fresh water scent.

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