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Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

  • Entry-level metal detector ideal for hunting on the beach or at the ball field
  • 8-segment visual target ID makes it easy to distinguish trash from treasure
  • 4-tone audio ID lets you "hear" target metals; easy-to-read LCD screen
  • 2-digit numeric display distinguishes between iron, foil, nickel, and other metals
  • Waterproof 8-inch open frame; operating frequency of 5.8 kHz; weighs 2.6 pounds

Whether you're a relic hunter or a beachcomber, the entry-level Fisher F2 metal detector searches for treasure wherever you go, from the ball field to the beach. Despite its beginner status, the F2 is packed with top-of-the-line features, so you can start scanning right away. The lightweight body and adjustable arm cuff makes the F2 easy to maneuver. (View larger). Identify Your Target The F2 offers several ways to identify your target. The detector's eight-segment visual target ID makes it easy to differentiate trash from treasure, so you won't go digging for coins only to end up with pop tops. The F2 also offers a four-tone audio ID that allows you to "hear" different target metals. And you won't have to guess the metal type thanks to the two-digit numeric target ID, which offers a 0 to 99 range that displays the most likely metal match. The identity features let you hunt even in high-trash areas like parks and ball fields. Advanced Visual Display Information is displayed on the F2's easy-to-read LCD screen, which includes a menu-driven user interface. Screen features include a two-digit display that shows the target ID number or depth, along with a target category readout on the top that distinguishes between iron, foil, nickel, pull-tab, zinc, dime, and quarter. The display also includes a depth meter that gives you an idea of the target depth while the detector is moving, along with a sensitivity bar graph and battery life indicator. Controls Controlling the F2 is a breeze thanks to the simple control panel, which sports large pushbuttons for easy operation. Specific controls include a notch control that lets you ignore a selected trash target category, such as foil or pull tabs; a sensitivity control that adjusts for soil mineralization and electronic interference; and a discrimination feature that lets your machine ignore ground mineralization and trash. Capabilities Treasure hunters will enjoy a fast target response while scanning with the F2, so you can swing your coil quickly and cover more ground. The F2 also offers great sensitivity, with the ability to detect small objects up to 6 inches deep. And users will love the super-lightweight body and adjustable arm cuff, which minimize fatigue after a long day of hunting. Specs include a waterproof 8-inch open frame, an operating frequency of 5.9 kHz, and a weight of 2.6 pounds. Designed to run on two 9-volt batteries (included), the F2 carries a five-year limited warranty.

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