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BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light

BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light

  • * Uses only 90 watts - Low power consumption
  • * Emits the exact spectrum required for photosynthesis
  • * Runs cool with no thermal footprint
  • * Promotes fast & vigorous growth and blooming
  • * Full Coverage 3 year Manufacturer's Warranty

BloomBoss LED grow lights mark a major advancement in LED grow light technology. They feature a unique combination of light spectrum that are specific to all stages of plant growth. The BloomBoss technology combines multiple wavelengths of both red and blue light with a small amount of full spectrum white light to create the first all inclusive, stand alone LED grow light. This is a revolutionary step for LED grow lights which have previously been unable to act as the sole light source for an indoor garden.

The introduction of a small portion of full spectrum white light preserves the efficiency of the Red and Blue spectrum in the LED grow light while eliminating the need for an extra light source to cover the small but essential need for additional spectrum of light. By using the perfectly balanced proportion of multiple colors of red, blue and full spectrum white light, BloomBoss produces results that far surpass other LED grow lights.

BloomBoss UFO Directions:

* Distance from plants: 6 to 24 inches

* Total Coverage Area: 9 square feet

BloomBoss UFO Specifications:

* Power Consumption: 90w

* Output - Blue 430nm~470nm, Red 620nm~670nm & Full Spectrum White

* Voltage: 100 ~ 240v

* Operating Temperature: -4F~122F

* Weight: 6 lbs

* Dimensions: 10.5 inches round x 2.5 inches tall

Includes a wire hanging kit for easy installation!

The BloomBoss UFO is a great light that can add a lot of light to your garden with out using a lot of electricity. Give it a try and see the results!

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