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Compact Water Chiller - 1/10 HP

Compact Water Chiller - 1/10 HP

  • EcoPlus 1/10 HP Water Chiller

During the summer months tap water and nutrient solution temperatures can easily reach above 80�F. This can pose a problem with nutrient uptake and also increasing the chance of root rot outbreaks. Hydroponic Systems can also heat up due to high-intensity lighting, pump heat or during hot summer months. For maximum production and highest dissolved oxygen, the nutrient solution temperature should remain between 68 and 75�F. The Eco Plus Water Chiller will help hydroponic gardeners to achieve this optimal temperature range with its internal micro computer and digital LCD display for easy operation. The efficiency of this unit it outstanding and is capable of lowering the temperature of 93 gallons of water by 10�F or 35 gallons by 30�F. The corrosion-resistant titanium heat exchanger is ideally suited for hydroponic nutrient solutions.Features Micro computer with digital LCD display allow for easy operation High quality Japanese-made compressor is extremely efficient and reliable compact size and easy to move comes standard with 1/2 fittings suitable for cooling both fresh and salt water features a titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance Specifications: power: 1/10 hp voltage: 120v/60Hz wattage: 280 amps: 2.3 BTUs: 950 product weight: 31 lbs dimensions: 10.5W x 12D x 14H pump size: 132gph min - 264gph max chilling capacity: 93 gallons - 10°F; 35 gallons - 30°F

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